Top 8 Gym Playlist To Get You Ready To Lift

Your gym playlist can keep you going strong even when you want to keel over, die and then be reincarnated as anything that is NOT something that ever has to move again… like ever. To keep you lifting and going hard, these 8 songs are the perfect addition to your playlist…

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Maybe the guy doesn’t deadlift a small bus or take prohormones with breakfast (besides – if he did – Slim Shady just would not sound right anymore) … but he sure can lift your lifting spirits at the gym. So go ahead – lose yourself in the music … and for goodness sakes try to forget that the guy in front of you is one of THOSE guys who wears pants that hug in all the wrong places – if you can. Why does that one guy always have to do squats right in front of your station?

Crazy B@#*! by Buckcherry

If rap is not your scene, Buckcherry and their love for the almost criminally insane girlfriend that we have all had once or twice in our lives will keep you motivated to keep on lifting. Why does the crazy chick always have to be so hot?

Dragula by Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is like the epitome of hardcore and hearing him growl/sing anything can make you feel hardcore too. If you are too young to really remember this guy – just YouTube it. You will be glad that you did.

Stronger by Kayne West

Let Yeezuz remind you that what does not kill you will make you stronger… because right now, it sure as h@#! feels like it is going to kill you. This song is always on at Gold’s for a reason. Oh-so-many people have blown a hammie because they suddenly felt more ready for set 5 than they thought… and all thanks to this song.

The Rocky Theme

Sure. It is cliché and if anybody hears you listening to the Rocky Theme song they will label you Adrien for the rest of your life. However, if you need that extra get-up-and-go… you will find it here. Just be sure that your earbuds do not fall out of your iPhone and blast the song to the whole gym or else you will be sorry.

Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

Whatever uptown funk is… well, somebody’s about to give it to you. Nobody really knows what uptown funk is or why we want it… but we do and we are not sure why.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

There is just something about that beat that makes you want to lift something to the rhythm… and also something about this song that makes you feel like some bad a@$ swole-up ninja that just arrived in a deep dark forest to save the universe from something nefarious and toothy. (What? That’s just us? Who knew?)

B@#$! I’m Madonna by Madonna

We know – you are a hardcore dude who can toss mega tires and has a collection of pro hormones in his medicine cabinet to rival that of Mr. T. We get it… but you simply cannot go to the gym without this unlikely song on your playlist. It makes you feel really important and that’s why someone needs to get off your Smith Machine and pronto.