3 Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss

Weight loss requires you to do cardio. At least this is the case if you’re serious about losing a lot of weight. Lucky for you, there are many workouts you can help with weight loss. Below are three workouts you can try.

Workout One
This treadmill workout involves just walking on an incline. Most treadmills have an option to increase the incline, and all this workouts entails is setting the incline to the highest. Since the incline will be set to the highest, you don’t have to walk at a fast pace, but you do want to maintain a moderate pace. If that is too much to handle, then walk at a slow pace and make sure you grab onto the handles because you don’t want to risk falling. Walk on an incline for 25-35 minutes straight.

In short:

. Set incline on treadmill to the highest
. Walk for 25-35 minutes straight
. Do workout 5-6 days per week
. Walk at a moderate pace or slow pace

If you cannot walk for 25-35 minutes with the incline setting at the highest, then set the incline to half of the highest. For example, if 15 is the highest incline setting, then set the incline to seven and walk for 25-35 minutes. Try to increase the incline each time you workout, as this will help improve your endurance and before you know it, you will be walking at the highest incline for 25-35 minutes.

Workout Two
This workout may sound simple, but it is moderately intense and can help you lose weight. First, you’ll do this workout six times per week and you’ll start off by walking for five minutes, followed by jogging for three minutes and then running for two minutes. After you have ran, you’ll do the same thing two more times. This workout takes a total of 30 minutes to complete and it is fun because you mix things up by doing three different activities.

In short:

. Walk for 5 minutes
. Jog for 3 minutes
. Run for 2 minutes
. Repeat two more times
. Do workout six days per weeks

Try to do the above workout without taking a rest between walking, jogging and running.

Workout Three
This is an intense workout and it takes 60 minutes to complete, so it’s a good idea to do it on a day you’re not training with weights. This workout routine involves doing five different cardio exercises, which will be done consecutively. The exercises  you’ll do include walking and jogging on the treadmill, as well as spending time on the elliptical machine, followed by a few minutes on the exercise bike and then you’ll finish your workout by spending time on the stair machine.

In short, you will do:

. 15 minutes walking on the treadmill
. 5 minutes jogging on the treadmill
. 15 minutes on the elliptical
. 5 minutes on exercise bike (pedal at fast pace)
. 20 minutes of on the stair machine

As previously mentioned, the above workout is intense and takes an hour to complete. You should do it at least 3-4 times per week, and if you don’t have access to a stair machine, then walk up and down regular stairs. Also, stick with this workout for a at least 6-8 weeks, because this is about how long it will take to see some real results.

If you want to experience a lot of weight loss, then start doing the above workouts today. If you want to accelerate your weight loss efforts, then do those workouts a few times per week and you’ll look different in no time.