How To Safely Use Effective Prohormone Stacks In Strength Training And Body Building

Prohormones are currently the hottest topic under discussion in the world of bodybuilding. They are in high demand from professionals looking to bulk up before a competition, or average Joes looking for ripped beach bodies. Their demand has also been increased by the fact that steroids have been banned in many countries because of their serious and negative side effects. Given that prohormones are actually precursors to these anabolic steroids, they are taken to be the next best alternative. Today, many bodybuilders are looking for the best prohormone stacks available in the market to rapidly increase their gains.

Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of reliable information especially online. Given that many bodybuilders are looking to bulk up first and ask questions later, it is important to disseminate correct and highly-researched information. It is further advisable to seek professional medical assistance before embarking on any prohormone cycle. Otherwise, one is prone to get serious side effects from the wrong combinations of these compounds in their system. Liver failure and low testosterone levels are just but some of the few effects associated with wrong use.

Many prohormones are basically converted into steroids which increase artificial testosterone levels in the body. This makes the body capable of doing more work, meaning that bodybuilders have enough energy to lift more weight than they otherwise normally do. The anabolic effect of prohormones and steroids further allows the body to convert protein and use it to build more muscle.

Stacking of Prohormones

In order to gain positive results faster, many people opt to stack two or more prohormones and take them together in one cycle. Since different prohormones have different effects in the body, taking a combination of them allows one to achieve desired results better. For example one may opt to take a product that helps to burn fat in the body together with one that has anabolic effects as well. This way, they cut down on the total percentage of body fat that they have while adding on more muscle to get a chisel-shaped body. Another example is combining a product that adds wet mass together with one that promotes good dry gains.

For the best prohormone stack combination, it is important to discuss one’s options with a medical professional or a physical trainer. Note that prohormones should only be used by individuals over 21 years of age. In addition, it is recommended that users should have a few years of experience in bodybuilding. By this time, a bodybuilder understands their body and how it responds to supplements and weight training. Only then can they begin using prohormones.

Stacking should only be done after one has used several prohormones for a while. It is not prudent to start stacking on heavy and complex combinations without any prior history of use. Different prohormones tend to have very different effects. Before one starts combining different compounds, they should take each product individually to see its effect on their body. This way, they know which combinations work for them and which prohormones to avoid.

Class Rating of Prohormones

Some of the things to consider when stacking prohormones include their strength and whether they are methylated or not. One good way to determine a prohormone’s relative strength is to look at its class rating. By understanding class rating, one can easily come up with the best prohormone stack to use in their strength training.

1. Class One

These compounds are all non-methylated. They are friendlier on the liver and have a lower risk of side effects. They easily produce gains and their cycles are easy to plan. They are great stackers for experienced users because of their low sides.

2. Class Two

These compounds are methylated meaning that use requires liver protection. They tend to have greater side effects on the body as compared to class one compounds. They also have good gains and require prescription grade PCTs.

3. Class Three

These compounds are also methylated and have a higher occurrence of sides as compared to the first two classes. Their cycles tend to be shorter because their use results in greater side effects. In order to protect the liver, they must be used carefully. Their PCT regiments must be prescribed by a medical professional in order to return to normal testosterone levels.

4. Class Four

These are easily the strongest compounds in the market currently. They produce gains rapidly and have a significantly increased risk of sides. Their use is restricted to experienced users only.

Using the class rating information above, one can easily come up with a good stack of compounds to use. Stacking two methylated prohormones together increases the chances of liver dysfunction. In addition, one should only stack compounds that complement each other instead of two that basically do the same thing. This increases their effectiveness and allows the user to attain good gains.

Types of Prohormone Stacks

1. Cutting Stack

These stacks are used to eliminate unwanted body fat while at the same time displaying body muscle. It is quite effective for professional bodybuilders who want to get shredded and ripped before a competition event. When used in tandem with proper dieting techniques and exercise regimen, it has the capacity for attaining incredible results within one cycle. It is best used on an 8 week cycle or one month program. The stack offers better endurance for cardiovascular exercise and maximizes weightlifting capacity for strength training.

2. Bulking Stack

This stack is used by professional and experienced bodybuilders who wish to change their physical frame by bulking up on lean muscle. It is effective for all body types even those that struggle with building body muscle and putting on mass. Proper use of these supplements can result in incredible gains between 20 to 30 pounds. It helps users gain strength and muscle mass. It also supports quick recovery between weightlifting sessions.

3. Stamina and Endurance Stack

This combination is used by individuals who want to increase the total amount of weight they lift. It is also preferred by athletes looking to increase their endurance and performance. For bodybuilders, it increases their energy for working out and may result in longer workout sessions and subsequent muscle gains.

4. Strength Stack

This stack is useful for people who have hit a muscle plateau and wish to continue with their gains. This combination of supplements is designed to help users overcome hurdles in their strength training.

5. Ultimate Stack

This stack includes six top supplements that are currently available in the market. It has Dianobal, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone-MAX, TBal 75, Anadrole and Clenbuterol. This power packed stack requires a highly disciplined regimen that includes proper dieting and exercise to ensure steady gains. This is a reliable supplement stack that is widely preferred by many people because it has fast results.

Prohormone stacks are specifically designed to help bodybuilders and athletes achieve desired results. They enhance the physical performance of individuals while giving them an energy boost. They also hasten results like cutting body fat and gaining pounds of lean muscle tissue. When taken correctly, following a normal cycle, they are safe and have manageable side effects. Cycle therapy and post cycle therapy should be used to ensure that the body returns to normal function and resumes testosterone production.